wellness workshops

wellness workshops

The Workshop is a very powerful tool in both the training and the maintenance of staff within an organization. Often used as an ‘induction’ process for new members of staff, workshops allow attendees to experience and explore important concepts in a more informal environment than some more traditional methods. 

Depending on the required outcomes, presentations may be tailored to suit. In order to maximise the time spent with an instructor, it is advisable to set homework so that another session can determine how well the attendees have retained the information provided during the initial training sessions.


Workshops are available in

  • 1-hour presentation
  • 2-hour presentation
  • ½ day presentation (3 hour) + refresher (1 hour at a later date)

Some Workshop topics

Pilates Mat Masterclass

Available in 1 or 2 hour workshops.

This workshop is designed to reinforce the importance of maintaining fitness levels, no matter what industry one finds one’s self in. The body cannot function at it’s best without a fit mind and vice versa. Pilates has long been known for it’s Mind-Body integration and this class is no exception.

Pilates for Men

This is a 1 hour floor class designed specifically for men. Pilates can often be misconstrued as a bit of a ‘girl thing’. Let’s not forget that Pilates was devised by a man. A man who trained the army and the police force. A man who was amazingly fit right up until his late 80’s. The more challenging Pilates repertoire is not for the faint-hearted and will definitely increase both strength and flexibility.

This class helps to show men how they can regain or maintain both strength and flexibility with regular exercise, and feel so good in the process.

Pilates for Lower Back Pain

This workshop can be delivered in all three durations.

The 1 hour workshop is essentially a Mat class focusing on the support needed for the lower back.

The 2 hour workshop offers a presentation followed by a mat class for lower back pain.

The 3 hour presentation offers a more interactive presentation with small practical moments where attendees are shown little tools that may help them manage back pain in day to day life.

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